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Please be aware that most digital download products come with some kind of links in them and some of those links may no longer be working. Websites come and go and so do website owners and their content. I have run into a few problems with some of the eBooks and things that had "Bonus" material listed and found that not all of the bonuses are online any more. So, if any product said there were special bonuses that you can not download, either send me an email to admin@digital.bizelion.work or just try to find the item some other way. I do not sell the "resell" items for the bonuses listed in them. If I list any bonus items in the description of the item then it should be inside the zip file that you download.
I will try to update this information as much as possible here since I'm sure there will be other things that come up while I'm working on things.
Thanks for understanding,