Return Policy

There are no returns for digital download items.

I can not give refunds for things that I do not know if the customer will delete after asking for a refund. Any digital download item can be copied and saved and used after asking for a refund and nobody will really know that you do not have the rights to resell it any more. The people who are offering refunds may not understand this and assume that everyone is going to just delete the item and not try to resell it on their own later but I have no way of knowing what someone else does with the download after purchase.
I have expenses and the money I make from these items pays for all my expenses so I do not keep the money on hand or in my accounts for any length of time. If anyone does a dispute with paypal and costs me money, I will have to take action to stop it. I do not have time to waste or money to waste either.
I am on limited social security disability type income and it really doesn't cover living expenses so I need every penny I can get.
I am not trying to sell things that are not working or have anything wrong with them. I am just reselling things I bought or got from a paid membership I have. I try to do searches to see if others are reselling for less but some items have a value set and I am not allowed to sell those for less. Sometimes I might be able to do a sale but it might not be for every product I have.